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 For the moment, our line of the Rollenhagen can be traced back to the year 1774 starting in Pomerania

Our ancestors were settled in and in the area around Stargard, Kreis Saatzig, Regierungsbezirk Stettin, Pomerania. Mainly the little villages Brüsewitz and Hansfelde   (both Kreis Saatzig) were the home of our ancestors however, they are also found in several other villages of the county Saatzig and the counties around.  Have a look at the 'locations' page to see a list and a map where Rollenhagens lived.

During the second half of the 19th century many members of the family decided to leave Germany to emigrate to the US.  Today most of the Rollenhagens all over the world are living in the USA. 

See on 'the generations' pages  the ancestors and relatives or have a view at the 'other'

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Rollenhagen, who cannot yet be connected. Also here I have some interesting lines mainly in Hansfelde, Kreis Saatzig, for example the family tree with the descendants of Christian Friedrich Rollenhagen (1795-1868) and Dorothea Maria Krüger (1795-1869) containing 5 generations. Here I could make some additions.

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old photos of
Stargard i. Pom.

and other towns

At this point I want to say thanks to my cousin HOMER THIEL in Arizona. He is working on our genealogy since several years and without his work this site would not be possible.
Homer's website: Pioneer Families of Grand Traverse County, Michigan

Any ideas, suggestions, comments or infos? Please send me an email
or sign my guestbook

Meanwhile Homer has finished a genealogy paper with other Rollenhagen branches in the US, you can read it here.
I have separated and as far as possible completed the New York/ New Jersey branch which is on its own page now.

Have a look on the IGI results, which lists all Rollenhagen found in this area. . Also have a look at the maps and the photo gallery.

: Since these pages are still in the construction phase they are updated very often. So make sure to press the reload button from time to time to get the newest pages.
A list of the changes and additions is here available: what's new



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Der Heimatkreis Saatzig
Official website of Heimatkreis Saatzig

Pommern - Das Land am Meer (D)
by Gunthard Stuebs
Wegweiser für familien- und heimatkundliche Forschung in Pommern
by Gunthard Stuebs
database for all researchers: get in contact to other researchers or put your own dates there
Die Mormonen in Dortmund (D)
Genealogie Forschungsstelle Dortmund
Internetquellen zur Genealogie des deutschen Sprachraumes (D) 
by Andreas Hanacek
Die Geschichte der Regionen - Pommern (D)
Landeszentrale für politische Bildung
Familienforschung in Westpreussen
(D/E) by Hans-Jürgen Wolf

the pommeranian counties:
Der Kreis Bütow
(D) by Heinz Radde
Der Kreis Belgard-Schivelbein
(D) by Dieter Schimmelpfennig
Der Kreis Cammin
(D) by Hans D. Wallschläger
Der Kreis Deutsch Krone
(D) by Joach. Schulz
Der Kreis Lauenburg
(D/E) by Heinz Radde
Der Kreis Lauenburg
(D) by Hermann Pigorsch
Der Kreis Naugard
Der Kreis Rummelsburg
(D) by Jürgen Lux
Der Kreis Schlawe
(D) by Margret Ott
Der Kreis Schlochau (
D/E) by Paul Sternberg
Der Kreis Stolp
(D) by Helmut Kunefke

Ahnenforschung der Uni Giessen (E/D)
Genealogie Karin Schoepke

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites (E)
Genealogy Resources (E)
Familytreemaker (E)
GenServ HOMEPAGE, Family History, GEDCOM Databases, Austin, Texas, USA
Root Diggin' Dept.

Church of Saint Latter-Day (E) 
LDS Family History Library (E)



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