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strich2.gif (1053 Byte) Anna Rollenhagen, wife of Gustav, in front of the old farm in Brüsewitz, Kreis Saatzig, Pommern. We are not sure about the date of this photo (84k, click the thumbnails to see the photos)

The last owners of the farm in Brüsewitz were Frieda Ginow, the daughter of Gustav and Anna Rollenhagen, and her husband. Gustav Rollenhagen was the son of Franz Eduard Rollenhagen (1848-1876) and Auguste Friederike Holzhüter (1852-1911). In the foreground of the photo you see Anna Rollenhagen. The man in the background and the dog are unknown.

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Another photo of Brüsewitz, made in the year 1931 (31k)

This photo also shows Brüsewitz, from left to right: My Grandma Elli Charlotte Rollenhagen with her little daughter Steffi and Anna Rollenhagen. We are not sure about the man, but believe he is the socalled 'Onkel Kienbaum', who worked with on the farm.

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Stargard i. Pom.
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My Gr Grandma Elise Rollenhagen with her husband Emil Neumann in front of their house in Stargard i. Pom., Beguinenstr. 5 (25k)

This photo shows my Gr Grandma Elise Rollenhagen with her family in front of their house in Stargard, Beguinenstr. 5. Elise moved from Brüsewitz to Berlin and while there gave birth to my Grandma Elli Charlotte (1908). Then she moved to Stargard where she married Emil Neumann. He already had four children. In the photo you can see Elise Rollenhagen and her husband Emil Neumann. The second child from the left side in the foreground is my Grandma Elli Charlotte, the child in the arms of Elise is the common son Ernst Neumann. This photo must have been taken between the years 1910-1912. 


My Grandma Elli Charlotte Rollenhagen (23k)

We estimate that this photo was taken of her for the beginning of school at six years of age. If so, this photo was taken in the year 1914 in Stargard.


submitted by Homer Thiel:
Homers Gr Gr Gr Grandparents Christian Friedrich & Hanna Friederike Rollenhagen

Christian Friedrich Rollenhagen was born 10 September 1832 in Brüsewitz, Kreis Saatzig, Regierungsbezirk Stettin, Pommern, Preußen. Fred was married on 12 February 1857 in Brüsewitz to Hanna Friederike Theel. Friederike was born 12 December 1833 in Prussia as daughter of Gottfried Theel and his wife Anna Marie Marohn. Friedrich worked as a master tailor in Brüsewitz. Friedrich and Friederike arrived in New York with their two eldest children on 24 June 1862, traveling with Friederike's parents and younger siblings aboard the S.R. Peel. Read the obituary or go to the generation page

submitted by Tammy Kathleen Deur:
Tammy's Gr Grandparents Otto & Adeline Rollenhagen (28k)

Otto & Adeline Rollenhagen on their wedding day
April 9, 1893.

Otto Fredrick Rollenhagen was born March 17, 1867 in Nunica, Ottawa Co., MI as son of Christian Friedrich Rollenhagen and Hanna Friederike Theel, and died March 10, 1947 in Rollenhagen Home, Judson Rd; Ravenna, MI. He married Adeline Josefine Frickman April 09, 1893, daughter of Andrew Frickman and Adaline Tomforda


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